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I remember how I froze and my hearing became completely tense. A few meters behind the hiding place I hear two bears approaching. The heart beats at full speed. The sound of footsteps in the bog comes closer and closer and I hear the bear's breathing right next to the window.

Shortly afterwards, a bear comes right outside the window.



Imprisoned by the wilderness


W ildlife Experience was formed in 2008 in order to create images from our Nordic nature.

The focus has been on creating images from our local environments over time. Over the years, we have also created images of Ragunda's various tourist attractions.

The images have slowly grown in their heads and then been worked out during sometimes many years of work. Our purpose is not to mass produce images. We would rather own 1 unique image than 1000 images that are similar to others.

With us, you get pictures that stand out from the crowd and are locally produced. We manufacture various hiding places to succeed in our production of images.

We only work with wild animals and try to create materials without disturbing the wild animals' life patterns. We are passionate about hunting with a camera and want to inspire more people to see the allure of creating images and films.

The bears have been Andreas' main goal and they are the ones who have taken the most focus in the business. During all the hours in hiding with friends and acquaintances, the company has slowly changed direction. In 2020, we took the first steps towards starting to rent out our hideout. Giving others this fantastic nature experience is a lot of fun. The start was just during the year when Covid19 took the world by storm. But despite that, the first year was completely ok when we chose to market locally the first year and create new collaborations with players in the tourism industry.

Now we hope for more exciting years together with our guests and bears.

If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.




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