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Open from 15 May to 31 July 2021

The hiding place is located by a beautiful small pond surrounded by beautiful bog landscape. The animals usually move about 100-150 meters from the hiding place but also get closer. We are happy to help you try to steer the bears to different photo locations if desired. But then it is required that you have sat a few times in the hiding place before and got a glimpse of the area and then have requests for your final picture.


Here you have the opportunity for beautiful landscape pictures with bears. During the evening, there is trailing light over the area, which creates atmospheric images. In the morning, the fog sometimes settles around the bog and the morning sun creates magical moments and images.

The hiding place is equipped with a special window glass, so you can move inside the hiding place without the animals and birds discovering you. The hiding place has thin walls, which means that you can hear birdsong and sound very well. This raises the mood of the experience. There is only one hiding place in the area, which raises the mood. Out here, it's just you and the bears.

For photographers : The hiding place is designed for photographers with 2 photo windows. At the moment, we use bean bags in the hiding place as a stand. But in 2021, we plan to be able to mount the camera on a tripod head.

In the hiding place there are: 1 bed and seating for two spectators. Hand binoculars, chairs are available if you do not want to sit on the bed, Dass outside and simpler dry toilet inside, prayer bags, stand,

Rent a semi-professional camera: It is possible to rent a Canon system camera for you who do not own a camera yourself, this could be a way to try nature photography with a semi-professional camera. Simpler photography course is offered before the evening's reconnaissance. The pictures that you take during the evening are copied over to a USB so that you can take the pictures home. Price SEK 500 for editing your photos, a cost of SEK 150 will be added.

Things to keep in mind when sitting in hiding:

  • Remember to dress in quiet clothes, avoid velcro.

  • Pack coffee and food in silence packaging

  • Place cakes and other snacks / snacks in boxes / place bags to avoid unnecessary clutter in the hiding place to maximize the opportunity to see game outside the hiding place.

  • Whisper to each other

  • Avoid strong perfumes

  • Boots or boots with high shafts

Guide to o from the hiding place:

Before your guide takes you out to the hiding place, you will get an overview of what you need to think about during your stay and ask questions. You get all the information you need for your stay with us.

When do you go there and when do you leave the hiding place?

You are guided out to the hiding place after the agreed time (usually 17:00)

Then you spend the night in the hiding place and are picked up from the hiding place around 08:00 or after the agreed time.

Price per person and day: SEK 1500 / person

Book your adventure 070-2031903


The hiding place


Transfer from train station / airport


The nearest airports are Östersund or Sundsvall.



Bus No. 30 runs between Sundsvall - Hammarstrand


Bus No. 132 runs between Östersund - Hammarstrand

NOTE! As Östersund is the central town in Jämtland, there are usually more times then between Östersund and Hammarstrand

Book a transfer from your place of arrival to your chosen accommodation via us. Then we will come and pick you up on the train / flight in Sundsvall / Frösön.


If you choose to drive here by car, enter Hammarstrand on your GPS.


Do not hesitate to contact us for advice


070 20 31 903

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