At Ammerån's fishing camp, there are several options for accommodation. Choose a cabin, room, tent site or why not bring your caravan. More info can be found at the link.


We highly recommend Birger and Ammerån's fishing camp. Birger also offers other activities from his camp, take the opportunity to experience rafting or, a wonderful day with fly fishing in Ammerån.


If you want to call, call Birger Ajax on telephone: 0705917612 - 0705904536


Monique runs her ranch in the middle of the Jämtland forest, a very natural and really scenic accommodation for those who want an experience from the moment you arrive until it's time to pack your bag to go again.


Monique offers a complete solution for you who are interested in booking our hideout. Her package makes your whole stay like a dance on roses. Accommodation, place in hiding, food, food bag for the hiding place, etc. To read more about this, click on the link !

Hotel Hammarstrand is the resort's wilderness hotel. Click on the link to see what is offered. From SEK 795 (single room)

Let the adventure continue, choose an alternative accommodation with

Zorb Center

In Döviken is the Zorb center, which offers both exciting and fast-paced activities such as overnight accommodation. And here are some to choose from. Sleep high up among the treetops, in a cozy boathouse, shelter or in a more modern timbered cottage! The choices are many! Just click through to their website to read more and contact them for questions.

Välkommen till Ammeråns Fiskecamp

Så mycket mer än - "bara" en fiskecamp


Målsättningen är att erbjuda:

-Rekreation och upplevelser utöver det vanliga

-Att de kunder som valt oss en gång lämnar oss glada och nöjda.

-Inte för att att få resa iväg utan för glädjen att få återvända.

-För ivern att få berätta för vänner och bekanta om den storslagna naturen, de orörda älvarna.

Våra guider har stor lokalkännedom och vi ordnar skräddarsydda paket med guide, boende, mat mm.


Erbjuder också äventyrfyllda aktiviteter som t.ex. forsränning i Ammerån!


Kontakta oss

Ammeråns Fiskecamp

Ammer 320

C/O Ajax

840 70 Hammarstrand

Telefon: 0705917612 - 0705904536